Beast goes to Lucy’s house!

After seeing Lucy all dressed up in her beautiful Disney princess dress, you would have been forgiven for thinking that Beast spent last weekend with the real Belle! Their weekend of fun kicked off with a play date with Mia, followed by a shopping trip for some new boots (which saw Beast playing a very fun game of hiding inside the shoes in the shoe shop!!) Shopping is hungry work, so they stopped for a hot chocolate and gingerbread man pick-me-up, before heading home for pizza! Saturday saw Beast accompanying Lucy to Disney On Ice! What a coincidence! Lots of Beasts’ friend performed in the show! After this, Lucy brought Beast outside to play, before snuggling on the couch watching ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ with Lucy’s brothers … and their scorecards! They scored each dancer, as well as Lucy’s sleepover…which of course, got 10s! Sunday saw Lucy dress up as a glamorous princess for a very fancy tea party, after visiting Marley Park, and climbing a mountain! No wonder Beast looked so happy when he returned to Scoil Carmel on Monday morning, how could he have had any better of a weekend?!

Lucy added lots of fabulous photos to Beast’s photo album, which I will photograph, and add to this post early next week! Well done and take a bow Lucy, no wonder you got top marks for your hosting skills! 🌟

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