Beast spends his mid-term break with the triplets!

When just one of the triplets’ names was picked out to take Beast home, the whole class, very diplomatically, decided that maybe Beast should spend the whole week in the Malone household, giving each boy their individual turn to mind him! This decided, Beast packed his diary and photo album and off he went! He had no idea what adventures lay ahead, and from the sounds of it, he had an unbelievable, action-packed week! He did everything from visiting Penneys, to trick-or-treating, to hiking up to the Hell-Fire Club, painting pumpkins, visiting Rathfarnham castle, watching movies, sipping hot chocolate, going ice skating and even going to rugby training! What a busy, brilliant week! Huge well done to each of the boys and thank you for giving Beast another adventure he will never forget! 😊

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