Beast has another adventure!

Sophia was the person given the job of minding Beast last weekend, and my goodness, she kept him busy! After partying at Anna’s Halloween party and decorating spooky cakes on Friday, she brought him to the Square to visit Halloween H.Q. on Saturday! She also let him accompany her to her art class, and then treated him to an ice cream! That night, he had the chance to meet Sophia’s nanny, great aunt, friend Grace and Uncle Dave! On Sunday, Beast visited Sophia’s cousins Lily and Elliot and went to see Sophia’s sister competing in a taekwando tournament! He met Sophia’s friend Eva (as well as having met Oisín) and had a lovely dinner before he collapsed into bed, exhausted, but so happy, after a fantastic, action-packed weekend! Well done and thank you for being such a wonderful host Sophia! 🌟

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