Beast’s first adventure!

As I’m sure you’ve all been hearing, we have a class mascot called ‘Beast’ (you might be able to guess why!)

Last Friday saw Mia being the first classmate that take Beast home for the weekend, and my goodness, he couldn’t have wished for a better, or busier weekend!!

With a weekend that started with a birthday party, Beast was then treated to a day of culture in Dublin on Sunday! Mia took him to town on the Luas, to visit Trinity College to see the Book of Kells, to the Natural History Museum to learn all about native Irish and wild animals, to the National Gallery to see beautiful paintings, to McDonalds and for a tasty doughnut, to Halloween HQ to be spooked, to the Archaeology Museum (walking past Department of the Taoiseach) , to a book shop (where Mia bought him his very own book!!) and finally home for a nice bowl of stew!

As well as making a beautiful family album packed with beautiful photos of their day out, Mia’s mum also very kindly gifted us a photo album with Mia’s photos inside! This album has plenty of empty pouches for lots more!

What an incredible start to Beast’s adventures! Mia, you absolutely blew us all away with the time, and effort you put into every part of Beast’s visit to your home! He has well and truly seen some of the most interesting sights in Dublin now, thanks to you, your sister and your Mum! Thank you for being such a fantastic host, and a huge, enormous WELL DONE!! Take a bow!

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