Being bucket fillers!

This week, I introduced the children to the idea of being ‘bucket fillers’…an idea from Carol McCloud’s book which you can watch by clicking the picture below.

This idea promotes friendship, praise and confidence as well as encouraging the children to reflect on their interactions with each other. The focus is on the small, simple things, bucket filling is so easy!

This week, we are taking on a secret challenge each day…choosing one person’s bucket to fill! Can we figure out who chose to fill our buckets? We use these visual aids to remind us of our secret task!

Please talk about this idea, and incorporate it at home too! Wouldn’t it fill Mammy and Daddy’s bucket if children said ‘Thank you’ after their dinner? Wouldn’t it fill their buckets if children offered to help to unload the dishwasher, or to set the table? Wouldn’t it fill the childrens’ buckets if Mammy or Daddy praised them for getting themselves ready for bed? Or if Mammy and Daddy thanked the children for tidying up their toys when asked to?

Just like in the classroom, there will always be times when we ‘dip’ into each other’s buckets. This is normal! The important thing is to talk about why we feel upset, put it behind us, apologise if necessary and get back to filling the buckets of those involved as soon as possible afterwards!

Enjoy! 😊

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