Roald Dahl fans!

By now, you will know that here in Room 11, we are becoming huge fans of Roald Dahl! After a class vote, we decided that his classic, ‘The BFG’, would be our first class novel. Each day, Miss Kilboy reads some of this wonderful story to us, and as she does so, you could hear a pin drop in the classroom! It is one of our favourite parts of each day! As well as talking about chapters after we read them, sometimes we respond to what we have heard, through drawing. Below, you can see our responses to the chapter in which Sophie finds herself inside the BFG’s cave! Take a look at the incredible detail in each of our very individual drawings …

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Inspired by this fantastic author, we also each have our own ‘Story-writing’ copybooks! You will regularly find us writing in these, just as Roald did, writing with a supply of sharpened pencils at the ready, resting our feet on our schoolbags (as Roald rested his on an old suitcase!) and with our jumpers on our laps keeping us warm (just as Roald would sit with his blanket!)

Click the image of Roald at the top of this post to be taken to his official website!

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