Contact details, payment, supplies

Last week, the children each took home a contact details form. To date, there are still lots outstanding! As these are vital in terms of ensuring we have up-to-date contact information for you in the case if an accident or emergency, I ask that these please be returned asap! If you have mislaid yours, please just ask for a replacement!

The same applies to any outstanding €60 Arts and Crafts Materials payments. Please pay asap. If required, there is no problem with this being paid in instalments.

A word of thanks, from me, for the way in which each of our classmates turned up with full supplies on September 3rd. This was greatly appreciated. I am well aware of how increasingly expensive ‘back-to-school’ costs are, and thoroughly appreciate your co-operation here.

I am encouraging the children to take responsibility for their pencil case supplies, and to mind these carefully! Please do the same at home!

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