Pyramid Poets!

In learning about adjectives, we have discovered ‘pyramid poems’. These poems involve using, and repeating 5 adjectives to describe the subject of the poem…in our case, an animal. As each line of the poem gets longer, it takes on a pyramid shape! We wrote our own pyramid poems for homework on Tuesday, and each poet had the chance to read their work, loud and proud, to the class! There was poems about hamsters, tigers, meerkats, rabbits, horses, dinosaurs and much more! Well done poets! 😊

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Hurling and Basketball Blitz!

This week has seen us being particularly sporty, with a visit from Paul McLoughlin of Ballyboden St. Enda’s on Tuesday, and Linda (Basketball coach) on Wednesday!

Paul taught us to identify the different parts of a hurl-the top, toe, heel and bás. He taught us how to hold the hurl properly and to do the ‘ready’, ‘lock’ and ‘strike’ positions! We got the chance to use the new skills we had learned and look forward to developing these even further next week! Paul encouraged us to invest some of our pocket money or tooth fairy money in a sliotar and a hurl…and we thought this was a fantastic idea! See you next Tuesday Paul!

Linda taught us to bounce, dribble and pass the basketball! We passed the basketball around our knees, waists and made a figure of 8 in between our legs! We had great fun trying to knock each others basketballs as we dribbled, and ended our session with some shooting…and slam dunks! Thank you Linda!

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Feeling the love!

Around Valentines Day, love was certainly in the air in Room 11! We hope you all liked your ‘unique’ box of chocolates…and the beautiful hearts we made!

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Working with Junior Infants

In further celebrating our 100th day of school, we welcomed some of Scoil Carmel’s younger pupils upstairs! We played some Maths games with Ms Foley’s Junior Infant class! We worked in pairs and had lots of fun! As we were the older pupils, we had to explain things at times, and be very encouraging towards our younger partner! Well done children!

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100…..cakes at the Cake Sale!

Our 100 year old pupils removed their dentures long enough to much a few cakes from the cake sale! Thank you to those who either baked or helped out! The PE hall was transformed into the Great Scoil Carmel Bake Off!

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100 Days of School!

February 9th will long be remembered as one of our favourite days in First Class! Not only was it our 100th day of school, but staff and pupils transformed themselves into 100 year olds! What a funny day! ☺

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Tens and Units fun!

We are so enjoying learning about Tens and Units! We played a fun swapping game, using Diennes blocks. This dice game involved swapping ten individual units for green tens whenever we got the chance…consolidating our learning! The winner was the person with the highest number.

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