Our day at Dublin Zoo!

We had the most fantastic day on our school tour to the zoo on Friday June 15th! Huge thanks to June, Sarah, Jimmy and Elise who were an enormous help! We saw a pride of lions, a snow leopard having his lunch, an orangutang out for a high walk, flamingoes, penguins, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, meerkats and so much more. We even got the chance to ask the zookeepers some questions and visited the brilliant Zoorassic World! We topped all of that off with a picnic and visit to the playground! What a super day! 😊

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A word of thanks…

As our school year comes to a close, and children start to head off on holidays, I would like to say an enormous word of both THANK YOU and WELL DONE to each and every one of our classmates. We have had an amazing year together, with lots of fun, lots of laughs and lots of adventures! It has been absolutely wonderful and my pleasure being your teacher. You are all truly amazing children and I’m very very proud of you!

A word of thanks to all parents too, for your co-operation and support throughout the year. It was appreciated very much!

Next year’s teacher is very lucky to be inheriting this bunch! X 😉

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Roll up, Roll up for Summer Camp!

Don’t forget that Scoil Carmel’s Summer Camp is running from Monday July 2nd – Friday July 6th! This promises to be lots and lots of fun, and we’d love to see lots of you there! 😊

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We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo…!

On Friday June 15th, we are finally off to Dublin zoo! Make sure to be on time for school, pack a normal lunch with two treats and wear Scoil Carmel t-shirt with own shorts / trousers! Let’s hope the rain stays away…but best to pack a raincoat just in case! Looking forward to a great (and hopefully dry!) day!

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If there have been lots of requests for tacos, enchiladas and burrito’s for dinner lately…we can explain! One strand of the Geography curriculum involves learning about people and places in other lands. This year we learned about Australia and more recently, Mexico! We learned about everything from chihuahua dogs, to cactus plants, and even their spooooky festival of Dia de Muertos – day of the dead! In an unusual but fun art project, we decorated skulls with colourful flowers and gems, just like the children do in Mexico! Ask the children to tell you some more facts!

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What time is it Mr Wolf?

By now, we are well able to tell the time in hours…2 o’clock, 4 o’clock etc. But did you know that we now understand time in half-hours too?! Ask us some questions using a clock, and I bet you’ll be impressed! We cut and stuck our very own colourful clocks.

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Pretty paintings!

We did some ‘free painting’ recently and the results are so gorgeous and bright! There were pictures of the Royal wedding, pictures of animals we are looking forward to seeing in Dublin Zoo, pictures of unicorns, World Cup opening ceremonies and so much more!

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