Sing along at home!

We are going to be learning a range of Disney songs this year! Each time we learn a new one, I will post it here, so that you can all sing along at home!

(As always with youtube it is advisable that parents supervise the watching of videos in case of pop ups)

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We’re rooting for Dublin!

Scoil Carmel was a sea of blue today, as we cheered on the boys in blue ahead of the All Ireland final on Sunday!

We loved Cian’s half Dublin half Mayo jersey…and reckon he’ll be happy either way on Sunday! Win win!

We drew the other half of Dublin footballer Bernard Brogan, and hope he sees these ahead of the big game! Come on Dublin, lets win Sam again! 💙

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Let’s go to the library!

As emerging readers, the children would really benefit from joining a local library, if you have not already done so! Some of our classmates joined recently and there has been great excitement about having our own library cards and borrowing some of the books we have been reading in class!

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Homework heroes!

Our first week of homework is going grrrreat! A big thank you to all Mums and Dads (homework helpers!) for your co-operation and support!

It is fantastic to see the childrens’ reading records being filled in each night…please keep this up!

Also a big thank you for correcting each night’s Master Your Maths questions. My reasoning behind asking you to do this is not to save me work, but to give you an understanding of how your son/daughter is faring each night! These mental maths questions encompass a range of skills and concepts each night and are hugely beneficial to the children. While correcting, if your son/daughter gets a question wrong, take some time to revisit this, and to establish the correct answer! When it comes to q11 and 12 (problem solving), I always encourage the child to draw a picture of the scenario…this is a great help. Remind your son/daughter that it is not about getting all 12 questions correct each night…but more about trying to beat the score you got the previous evening!

Sentences have also been fantastic, and the children have been very proud reading them aloud!

A great start to homework…let’s keep it up!

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Busy at Maths!

Take a look at some of the ‘Maths’ themed we have been having!

Colour by number – addition

Playing ‘Fireshot’ (Ready, Aim, Fire!) using our number fans

Using wooden number lines to add 3 numbers eg : 5 + 2 + 4 =

Learning to write in maths copies in exploring the ‘story’ of numbers greater than 10…

Playing dice games

Maths is lots of fun!

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Looking and Responding to Art!

As part of the Visual Arts Curriculum, we look at and respond to some of the best known paintings in the world.

Yesterday, we looked at ‘The Village School’ by Dutch artist Jan Steen.

This painting depicts a classroom scene long long ago in Steen’s homeland of Holland. We were fascinated as we identified what was happening in the picture…the teacher is very cross indeed! We speculated why he might have been punishing the little boy, and reckoned it had something to do with his crumped up work on the floor! We found the fact that the little girl in the picture is finding it all very funny…only because the wooden spoon isn’t being used on her!

We compared and contrasted this scene and this situation with life in our classroom today…which is completely different in every single way! Everything from our colourful classroom, to our teacher, to our uniforms, is completely different! We are glad we are in school now, and not part of that class! 😊

We responded to the painting by drawing our own …

…and even had some fun creating a ‘still image’ imitation scene using a plastic spoon! Tomorrow we will work in groups of four to recreate this exact scene through drama!

Today, we thought about Jan Steen’s homeland, Holland. Amongst other things, Holland is known for its beautiful tulips and so we used kitchen forks to paint gorgeous tulip fields! These vibrant paintings will make our classroom even more cheerful and even more colourful…we don’t think the teacher in Steen’s painting would approve! ☺

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Celebrating Roald Dahl Day!

We are looking forward to reading some of Roald Dahl’s most popular novels this year! Ask the children to tell you some information about this world-famous author…we have learned lots in

celebrating his special day!

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